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Sustainable Healthcare Aotearoa (SHA) is a professional network which has been flourishing for almost a decade. Our vision is for the health sector to become a leader in Aotearoa New Zealand’s transition to a low-emission, healthy, and environmentally regenerative future. 

SHA uses teleconferences and email communication to achieve its key objectives - providing ready access to information, policies, strategies, projects, and guidelines for environmentally sustainable healthcare. In addition, the SHA provides peer support to help members achieve shared goals, and an opportunity for members to work together to lead and advocate locally and nationally.

Dr Hayley Bennett, a public health physician and researcher from Rotorua, was the driving force in the early days when the group was called the Sustainable Health Sector National Network (SHSNN). Initially under the umbrella of OraTaiao Climate and Health Council, it has since grown and transitioned to operate independently. However, the two groups remain closely aligned.

The key to SHA’s success is the diversity of its members and the fresh ideas and perspectives they bring to the table. Members include nurses, doctors, allied health professionals, representatives of public and private hospitals, government ministries, crown entities, and other health service providers.

The SHA has worked with OraTaiao, Global Green and Health Hospitals and the University of Otago to hold four national conferences on sustainable healthcare and climate change, and one webinar series (during the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown).  In 2019, members of the SHA instigated an ‘Open Letter’ to Government calling for the health sector’s annual greenhouse gas emissions to be measured, reported, and reduced. The letter was signed by 900 health professionals and presented to the Associate Minister of Health.

The network meets on a bi-monthly basis, alongside having a resource library.

To find our more, or to review our terms of reference, please contact us.


To provide ready access to shared information, policies, strategies, projects and guidelines for environmentally sustainable/regenerative healthcare. This reduces duplication and creates an efficient mechanism for members to implement initiatives in their own organisations. 


To provide peer support and help members achieve shared goals. 


To provide opportunities for members to work together to lead and advocate locally and nationally, for example by: -

  • Writing submissions on organisational policies and guidelines, and government legislation 

  • Engagement with government and government departments to advance the Sustainable Healthcare Aotearoa vision 

  • Organising and hosting National Sustainable Healthcare Forums 

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